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ASTM International Publishes Children’s Jewelry Safety Standard
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ASTM International Publishes Children’s Jewelry Safety Standard

New ASTM Standard Assures Safety of Children’s Jewelry

FJATA is pleased to announce that ASTM International, the respected international standards organization, has published the ASTM F15.24 Children’s Jewelry Safety Standard, now called ASTM F2923-11.  The process of developing and finalizing the standard took less than two years, and represents the first peer-reviewed, science-based international standard governing the safety of children’s jewelry.  Its inclusion into the ASTM library of international standards is a great leap forward for the jewelry industry and the public.  Led by FJATA, ASTM committee participants included professionals from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), retailers, manufacturers, testing companies, consumer groups, and other stakeholders.  FJATA members have pledged to abide by the requirements of the Children’s Jewelry Safety Standard, reflecting their strong support of uniform international standards that are health protective without resulting in bans on safe products.

FJATA Press Release for ASTM International Children’s Jewelry Safety Standard

Visit ASTM.org to purchase ASTM F2923-11 Children’s Jewelry Safety Standard